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Putting Facebook back how it was

Cometh the hour annoying ux change, cometh the geek.

You may have noticed Facebook has changed the way the trusty text box works. Previously, if you hit return (Enter), you got a new line, and could arse around making new paragraphs to your hearts content. There was also a nice little submit button. In their wisdom, Facebook have switched this so that pressing return inside a textbox now submits the form by default.. quite annoying. It’s also a problem if, like me, you frequently type in the wrong window – no chance to undo.

Since watching Cruel Intentions wasn’t demanding my full attention, I quickly wrote a hacky little UserScript (Greasemonkey script) which puts things back how they were. You can install it by clicking here. I provide this script with no warranty, no guarantee it will work, no promise to fix/update it, and definitely no freebies. It has been tested in Chrome 10, and works most of the time.

The code is simple enough, so I won’t bother explaining it. If you want to make it better, or make it work on other browsers, please do. Let me know of a link to your updated version and I’ll link/post it here.

UPDATE “It can access: Your data on”

Yup, you’ll get this warning if you click to install the script. It’s true that since the script runs whilst you access Facebook, it can ‘see’ the data on the same page as you. This script however doesn’t do anything with that (if you are familiar with JavaScript, why not open it up and have a look).


It seems when I was adding the match directives for Chrome, I bodged the regular expression. Alec Muffet fixed it, and I have now uploaded the fix (tested in Chrome 10.0, on Snow Leopard).

  • I read your reply on the HotTips! article. It is currently awaiting moderation, because you included a link. The link brought me here.

    This script for Chrome you have… why does it have to access all data on all websites? This worries me, and I won’t allow my members to see that link unless I know it works, and is most importantly: safe. Please provide me with some reassurance. I would love to post another article referencing you as creating such a thing (and therefore driving traffic here for you).

    Can you provide this proof? Thanks.

  • Ah sorry, that’s partly my bad – I ignored the warning whilst testing the script.

    I have now posted a new version which will only mention The script is unchanged, it just has a little Chrome-specific filter at the top to say ‘only run when on Facebook’. To find out why you get this warning message, read the update to the blog post above.

    That’s the best I can do for proof really. If you have a friend with even vague Javascript knowledge, ‘Save link as’ the file, open it up, and your friend will be able to tell you I’m not up to anything suspect.

    Hope that helps

  • I have tried your extension with no luck of getting it to function as you claim it does. Is this an operating system requirement? I’m on Mac OS X running the latest version of Chrome. The extension was tested throughly on a dummy account that was set up for this specific purpose.

    Please respond and let me know exactly how this extension is supposed to work. thank you


  • You do know you can press Shift+Enter to do what your saying? 😛

  • Yes Dominic, I’m saying that like a lot of other people, that annoys me. I’m used to doing it the other way.

  • Might be pushing the boundaries of no guarantee, no warranty etc, but I will have a look tonight.

  • I have it working by hacking:

    // @match *://*

    …and setting version to 0.2 for the upgrade.

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  • Excellent, thanks Alec! I can confirm it is working for me here on Chrome 10.0, Snow Leopard.