About me

Hi there, I'm Dan. I'm an IT professional based in Madagascar, working for the UK charity SEED Madagascar. In the past I've worked for FXhome, the University of Kent and the NHS amongst others. My skills include: C++, PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL, Photoshop, Editing, IT and a load of other acronyms and nerdy-sounding things.

I like to build websites and applications that have difficult challenges for interesting clients. In January 2019 I returned to Madagascar to take up a new position with SEED, returning to the country I first fell in love with in 2011, and have been visiting on and off ever since.

Daniel WoodOutside of work, I like travelling, history, reading, ale, neurology, geeky t-shirts, photography, tv, and filmmaking. I also enjoy playing football, eating cake, and watching rugby - though preferably not all at once. I am woefully incompetent with chopsticks.