Home to personal projects both current and past, this is where I keep my toys.


A single-page phrasebook translating between Malagasy (Antanosy dialect) and English.

The Stathamator

Only one man can save them…

Predict the next Jason Statham blockbuster with this generator, as used in Hollywood! (well, probably).

Movie Analyser

Want to know more about your movie collection?

Takes a list of films and collates some stats, such as popular genres, actors, directors, eras and ratings and displays it in a neat infographicy style.


A mini-framework for simple websites, such as URL shorteners

Boggins is my take on a PHP MVC framework that includes useful functionality without forcing style or conventions. I use it for quick, simple websites which don't need a CMS.



Offline web app media library concept testing various ideas.


Automation for Robocup servers & clients while running genetic algorithms.

jQuery timeline

A timeline display widget based on HTML5 Canvas and jQuery.