Home to personal projects both current and past, this is where I keep my toys.


An app for creating crowd-sourced printable phrasebooks for languages.

Still in development, Fiteny is a web application born out of a frustration with the lack of an Antanosy - English phrasebook. Initially a one-page static list of phrases, it's growing into something big.

Movie Analyser

Want to know more about your movie collection?

Takes a list of films and collates some stats, such as popular genres, actors, directors, eras and ratings and displays it in a neat infographicy style.


A mini-framework for simple websites, such as URL shorteners

Boggins is my take on a PHP 5.3 MVC framework that includes useful functionality without forcing style or conventions. I use it for quick, simple websites which don't need a CMS.


A simple app for improving your vocabulary

A ReactJS, NodeJS and MongoDB web app I built as a learning experience.



Offline web app media library concept testing various ideas.


Automation for Robocup servers & clients while running genetic algorithms.

jQuery timeline

A timeline display widget based on HTML5 Canvas and jQuery.