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Category: Work

Movie Analyser

A short break from Madagascar updates to talk about something I was working on before I left the UK – A little web development project I was fiddling with in my spare time, it was an interesting experiment for me in infographic design as well as trying out a new API. Movie Analyser combines […]

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Introducing HitFilm (and a few other things)

So, it’s been a while since I posted on here (sorry!) but I have been a little busy. This will be a general me update, but with enough tidbits of things that are actually interesting that you should still be awake by the end. Big news: HitFilm I’ve been in my current job just over […]

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MongoDB for the uninitiated

This post is one of a series on MongoDB I’ll be writing over the next few months. All are written from the perspective of a developer new to Mongo, experimenting with its functionality whilst getting to grips with the NoSQL way of working. SQL, NoSQL and some other acronyms Up until a few months ago, […]

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Technology X is great, but content is King

Every week the Web is alive with chatter on the latest technology or update. Whether its the latest framework or programming style, there’s always something we’re all excited about. As a Web Developer myself, I try to learn a couple of new technologies every year, to improve my skills and provide better services to my […]

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