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That’s what Facebook said

I’ve just added the most exciting feature to Facebook.. the much-demanded “That’s what she said” button. Seriously, theres at least 10 people who want this.

It will only work on Google Chrome. Most other browsers suck anyway. You can install it here.

“It can access: Your data on”

Yup, you’ll get this warning if you click to install the script. It’s true that since the script runs whilst you access Facebook, it can ‘see’ the data on the same page as you. This script however doesn’t do anything with that (if you are familiar with JavaScript, why not open it up and have a look).

Technical stuff

It’s a hacky little UserScript (Greasemonkey script) which plants a new button in the DOM next to every matching textarea. When clicked, the button picks a random derivation of the phrase, puts it in the nearest textbox, and clicks the hidden submit button. When Facebook change their markup, it will break.. oh well. I provide this script with no warranty, no guarantee it will work, no promise to fix/update it, and definitely no freebies. It has been tested in Chrome 10, and works most of the time. If you want to make it better, or make it work on other browsers, please do. Let me know of a link to your updated version and I’ll link/post it here.

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