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A few tins of rice pudding and a can of coke

I’m now 8 days into my Frugal February challenge to live off just £37.27 for a whole month. It hasn’t been an easy week – I got sick at the end of January,  and still haven’t gotten rid of the cough. To add to the challenge, my boiler broke down so the flat was without heating for a couple of days, during icy weather (has anyone ever known a boiler to break down in warm weather?). Nonetheless, I’ve stuck to the budget this far.

Pasta and similar high-starch products will form the basis of my diet this month, with some frozen vegetables and meat once a week. It’s fairly sound nutritionally, but it certainly isn’t going to taste great! A few people have asked if I’ve dodged the budget by stocking up in the previous month. Sadly not: there’s the usual assortment of forgotten tins, half a bag of oven chips, a fossilised chicken pie, a few tins of rice pudding and a can of coke (which I am saving for a special occasion).

A huge thank-you to everyone who has donated so far. I’m already about halfway towards my target of £1,000, which is fantastic with more than 60 days left to go (If none of this makes sense to you, check out my Madagascar page here).

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