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Memory lane – Emagnevy

I first came to Madagascar as a short-term construction volunteer, way back in April 2012. Having fundraised almost £2,000 (thanks to generous donations from my family and friends), I joined Azafady’s Pioneer programme for three amazing weeks, and spent the time repairing a wooden primary school (read the old blog posts here).

For me it was a literally life-changing experience. I rediscovered my love of travel, met some great people, and found a new passion: volunteering. Two years on, and I’m 10 months into a year with Azafady in Madagascar, leading the programme I enjoyed so much.

So, it was a nice surprise when last week we stumbled on the very place it all began – Emagnevy. Walking along the road from where we’re currently working out to another town, I recognised the old school almost immediately. The hill beforehand isn’t as steep, but everything else looks exactly as I remember, and the school itself looks fantastic. The repairs we made have kept it in good condition, and the protective verandah is doing it’s job – no sign of any damage to the walls despite continued rough weather.

Eric (now Malagasy Team Leader) was a guide back in 2012

Eric (now Malagasy Team Leader) was a guide back in 2012

Thanks once again to everyone who donated when I was fundraising to come here the first time, and to everyone who supported me then and since. Your donations really helped: the school looks every bit as sturdy as when I last saw it, and is making a real difference to the lives of the pupils studying there.

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