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Freedom from pasta!

After 29 pasta-filled and flavour-light days, February is finally over. I’m pleased to say I succeeded with my aim to spend no more than £37.27 this month. In the end, I managed to stick to £37.03 (suggestions for things to buy with that last 24p in the comments please!). I was very pleased to be able to donate £806.07 to Azafady earlier, which after rent and a couple of bills, is the total I have saved through Frugal Feb. I’m going to celebrate over the next couple of days with heinous amounts of junk food.

Screenshot of donation page

Screenshot of donation page

A huge thank-you to everyone who has supported me this month and overall, both in donations and encouragement. Since we’re now way beyond the original £1,000 target, I’m aiming for £2,000 instead – there is still time yet! If you haven’t chipped in yet, please think about it, full details on the trip here.

Speaking of, my sister Naomi has also started fundraising for Azafady, and is planning to attend lectures and hang around Bournemouth University campus dressed as various characters from Dreamworks’ Madagascar film. Far braver than my own efforts I think! Find out more about her plans on her Facebook event page, or follow the Twitter hashtag #naomidonates.

Finally in some sad news, a friend and colleague tragically passed away this week. Capable of seeing the silver lining in every cloud, and one of the people whose kindness and selflessness inspires my own efforts, Lucy left a hell of an example for us all. We’ll miss you.

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3 responses to “Freedom from pasta!”

  1. Jltj106 says:

    Hi Daniel! This is fantastic stuff! I don’t know how you did it – great effort and everyone here is very inspired by your frugalness! Keep up the great awareness raising and look forward to seeing you in Madagascar!
    Joe Jenkinson, Azafady

  2. Congratulations, Dan. Hope you aren’t suffering from malnutrition now!

    So sorry to hear about your friend passing away. I watched the video and found it very moving. Lucy seemed like a wonderful person. Shocking that she was lost so young.

  3. Isabella says:

    should be strong

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